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Brown County Promotes ICE, In Case of Emergency

The Brown County Sheriff's Department says there is an easy way to help them -- to help you -- in an emergency.

The department and AAA are teaming up to promote the "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) program -- to either program their cell phone or carry a card that has contact information.

ICE is a way for rescue workers and law enforcement to track down loved ones when a person is hurt so they can get important medical information.

Add the letters "ICE" to important names in your cell phone's calling list, and first responders know to call those persons in case of emergency. Or get an emergency contact card for free at AAA offices in Green Bay; you don't need to be a motor club member.

The sheriff's department points to a deadly accident last summer when it three hours to find family members. "We called as far south as Milwaukee and as far north as Eagle River looking for family members of the individuals involved in this very serious and tragic crash, all the while taking care of a two-year-old girl that was uninjured," Captain Randy Schultz said.

"Certainly you can understand that's a heartwrenching experience -- a little less for the public safety officials as first responders, but certainly for that little girl in that circumstance. We needed to get her to family members as quickly as we could."

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