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Chief looks to put ICE on phones

Cell phones ICE’d
SEABROOK - Fire Chief Jeff Brown wants all cell phones equipped with a number to call in case of emergency.

Brown is preparing a presentation for local cable access Channel 22, to broadcast the need for cell phone carriers to include an ICE - In Case of Emergency number - in their phone address books.

"We can look up the ICE, push the send button, and explain the situation," Brown said. "We look for medical cards, bracelets, now we also look for a phone."

Palazzo given floor
Selectmen Chairwoman Karen Knight gave state Rep. Frank Palazzo, R-Seabrook, three minutes on Wednesday to speak on the subject of a $25,000 mentoring program for the Seabrook Police Department.

Palazzo had asked to speak to the Board of Selectmen the week before, on Feb. 22, he said, but was taken off the agenda. He stood to speak anyway, in angry tones at Selectman Richard McCann, who had proposed a mentor for the police chief. Knight adjourned the meeting.

This Wednesday, Officer Ed Cody worked detail at the selectmen’s meeting, presumably to keep the peace.

"We have the right as people of the town to ask what the charges are on the police chief and the Police Department to warrant a mentor," Palazzo said. "You’re killing his department ... you’re ruining his reputation."

McCann said he recommended mentoring for the chief to "work more expeditiously on the plans he’s working on."

"You’re telling the chief he’s incompetent," Palazzo said.

Knight said the board was helping the chief.

Selectwoman Cora Stockbridge, who voted against hiring a mentor for the chief said, "I think the result has caused a greater morale problem at the Police Department than what was there in the first place. ... This was done to undermine the police chief."

The board voted 2-1 to hire a mentor, after receiving an independent study of the Police Department citing low morale and divisiveness.

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