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Belleville – ICE initiative provides easy access to emergency contact information

Belleville Community Policing and T.A.S. Communications are encouraging local residents to program emergency contact information into their cellular phones as part of an initiative called ICE. The initiative, which stands for In Case of Emergency, started in England and is now gaining momentum in North America.

Statistics indicate that over 80 per cent of the population has cellular phones and that the same percentage does not carry emergency contact information.

By programming the acronym ICE into the address book of a cellular phone the owner can then log the name and number of someone who should be contacted in the event of an emergency. This provides a simple means for police or other emergency services personnel to retrieve contact information quickly. It can also provide next of kin information for hospital staff regarding medical treatment and for police for investigation purposes.

Constable Aaron Bucci, Community Policing Facilitator for Belleville Police Services, says Belleville Community Policing and T.A.S. Communications are supporting the ICE initiative as a proactive means of helping community members. Both organizations are encouraging everyone with cellular phones or similar devices to use the acronym and to spread the word.

"ICE is a simple and yet effective way for emergency personnel to contact family during emergent situations," says Bucci. "There have been times where emergency services workers come across a situation and no one is able to provide details on critical medical information for an injured party or they incur problems contacting family members. Don't let this be the case."

Bucci adds that the In Case of Emergency information can also be used when a phone or other device is lost to return it to the owner.

Kristen Crowe, Vice president of T.A.S. Communications says many consumers purchase cellular phones for emergency use only, so it just makes sense that they are used to store emergency information.

"We are pleased to partner with Belleville Community Policing on this initiative and will discuss ICE with everyone who purchases a cell at our business," says Crowe. "We encourage all cellular dealers to assist in spreading he word."

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